Thanks to the editors of the following journals, where some of these poems, occasionally in slightly different form, first appeared:

Anti- : ‘icarus,’ ‘melancholia is a collective noun,’ ‘watermark’

Chiron Review : ‘chokecherry’

>kill author : ‘anodyne,’ ‘tantric’

LiteraryMary : ‘without edges’

Makeout Creek : ‘precious’

Nerve Cowboy : ‘untitled #19,’ ‘like a neil young song’

Oak Bend Review :’hurricane season’

Prism Review : ‘eleemosynary,’ ‘hexagram’

Tipton Poetry Journal : ‘fiddler’s hearth – summer, 2009’

Writers’ Bloc : ‘caryatid’

Thanks also to NB and DDL for all their help with earlier drafts of many of these poems.